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Better searching

We made searching on Upscope as easy as possible. You can type anything in the search bar (or through the REST API) and the correct result will appear.

To make things faster and more accurate, you can make use of our indexes.

Format Example Index used
Any email Any email provided through uniqueId or identities.
online online Filters online visitors only.
-online -online Filters offline visitors only.
ip: + the IP ip: Shows visitors with ip
id: + the ID id:user123 Shows visitors with uniqueId equal to user123.
A four digit number 1234 Shows visitors with the 1234 lookup code.
Any tags #client Shows visitors with the #client tag.
integration_id: + integration name + : + integration id integration_id:acmechat:1234 Shows visitors with integration id acmechat equal to 1234.