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Any person connected to Upscope through the Upscope SDK, whose screen is being shared.
Any person who views a Visitor's screen, even if they are not technically a "Support Agent".
Javascript SDK
The Upscope client library installed on all pages that need to be viewable through Upscope.
Upscope dashboard
The app at that allows your Agents to have an account and to configure some settings.
A server-side API that allows you to interact with Upscope as if you were an Agent. It lets you search for Visitors, get usage information and generate Secure Watch Links.
Short ID
An ID assigned by Upscope to each Visitor. The Watch link is always in the format:
Watch link

A link that uniquely identifies the Visitor. It can be retrieved from the Javascript SDK and can be shared without compromising security.

To use the link, an Agent will need to be authenticated on the Upscope dashboard, or you'll need to exchange it for a Secure watch link through the REST API.

Secure watch link
A link generated through the REST API that allows anyone with the link to view a Visitor's screen without having to authenticate or have an account on the Upscope dashboard.
Universal proxy
A proxy system developed by Upscope that lets you use Upscope on all pages, even if they don't have the Javascript SDK installed on them.
Proxy Session
For security reasons, all Universal proxy sessions are authenticated, and need to start from either the Upscope dashboard or through the REST API.
Lookup code
A four digit code, unique for each one of your Visitors, that allows you to easily find them in the Visitors list.
Visitors list
A list containing all your online Visitors viewable by your Agents on the Upscope dashboard or available through the REST API.