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Listening for events

The Javascript SDK emits events about the session.

Listening for events

You can listen for events by running the following code.

Upscope('on', ...eventNames, callbackFunction);

List of events

Event Name Additional arguments Description
agentsAvailable Indicates that agents are available and waiting for requests on the Upscope dashboard.
agentRequestUpdate status: string Gives you updates about the status of the current agent request. One of pending, accepted, unavailable, canceled.
callAccepted An audio call has been accepted by the visitor.
callEnd An audio call has ended.
callStart An audio call has started.
connection The connection has been established with Upscope's servers.
connectionReset The connection has been reset, and there will be a new visitor created.
newObserver observerId: string Someone new is now observing as an agent1.
observerGone observerId: string observerGone is no longer observing1.
sessionContinue A session has continued from a previous pageload.
sessionEnd A session has ended.
sessionRequest An agent is asking to start a session.2
sessionStart A session has started.
waitingForCall The visitor has gotten to the page from an agent's personal link.


Here's an example of how to use the events API to show a message to the visitor when a session is active.

<div id="upscope-active" style="display: none;">
  Screen sharing active.
  const activeElement = document.getElementById('upscope-active');

  Upscope('on', 'sessionStart', 'sessionContinue', () => { = 'block';
  Upscope('on', 'sessionEnd', () => { = 'none';

  1. Useful to keep track of how many agents there are. 

  2. If you want to change the authorization flow, you'll need to add a onSessionRequest function to the configuration